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Hello everybody.
Today I want to share my recipes for green smoothies. Which can help bring the body into tonus.

Simple green smoothies, from products that you can find in almost any supermarket or in the nearest market.

Liquid foundation (1 / 2-1 cup) + 1 cup of greenery + 1 frozen fruit or 1 cup of berries.

And now the recipes:

Spinach + kiwi + banana

An invigorating smoothie. Spinach can replenish the body with vitamins and minerals.
You can add one banana and kiwi to the spinach.


Avocado + cucumber + apple + ginger

It's not just a drink, it's a full dinner. Due to the high content of monounsaturated fats in avocados, this smoothie is nutritious. The avocado flesh, by its properties, can compete with products of animal origin.

Add the apple and cucumber to freshness to the avocado, as well as a few pieces of ginger to add flavor. Such a drink can help protect your immune system.

Apple + avocado + green salad + kiwi

Drink of apple, avocado and kiwi can complement the leaves of fresh salad. At a low calorie (salad is included in the top ten dietary products), there is still plenty of iron in it.


Thanks to these recipes, I was able to lose weight.
I drink a natural cocktail twice a day. No stress for my body.
All the while, and good luck

Author : Henry Davis

Hello. I’m an author and international speaker. I’ve traveled the world full-time since 2009, moving to a new country every four months or so, each home determined by the votes of my readers.