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I hope my experience will be useful for many.

Let's get to know each other better. My name is Maria Jose, I am 62 years old and I live in Bogotá.

I had a lot of wrinkles around my eyes, the skin on my cheeks was flaccid. But I've always had a healthy lifestyle! I decided to take charge of my own life and beauty and find a way to recover my beauty.

I want to give you the tips to take care of your skin with the right cosmetic products. I'll show you how to make a homemade anti-wrinkle cream. These are formulas to obtain natural, economic cosmetics. It is not fat and is absorbed quickly. My colleagues thought that I slept more due to the brilliance and freshness of my face. Beauty came into my life through. I suspect that these recipes not only improved my appearance, but also my relationship with my husband. Because now I look younger!

Benefits of natural cosmetics

  • It is not contain chemicals: they are used not only as preservatives, but as a material to achieve the desired aesthetic effects, although on the other hand, without us not knowing it, they damage us little by little.
  • It is not test the products on animals: at a moral and ethical level, this is something to be taken into account, since the poor animals will not have to be subjected to tests against their will, something that every defender of animal life thanks and will appreciate .
  • It is easy and economical: normally creating natural cosmetics is very simple and cheap to make, if we compare it with traditional cosmetics, which is usually quite expensive. On the other hand, if you decide to buy a natural and ecological product, regardless of its price, which is not as high, it will be the same as if you prepare it yourself but without spending your time, since the manufacturing process will be the same .
  • It is respectful with the environment: as they do not contain chemicals or other toxic products, natural cosmetics do not pollute the environment.


Homemade cream with rosehip

It may be suitable for sunburned or dried skin. You can use it if you are close to menopause or have passed this stage.

It is necessary:

Half a cup of soy lecithin in granules, preferably organic.
Spoon of dog rose essential oil.
Another avocado oil that you can replace with sunflower or olive (be careful with the smell!).
Half a glass of egg white
Mix all the ingredients very well, starting with lecithin and milk. It ends with several oils. Have a very uniform thick paste.


Mask of banana and avocado

Both fruits can soften the skin, attenuate deep wrinkles and provide essential nutrients.

The avocado, for example, has many fatty acids, and the banana is a source of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.

½ banana
½ avocado
1 egg white

Cut the avocado in half and remove the pulp from one of the pieces (the other can be saved for cooking, for example).
Mash with the help of a fork.
Peel the banana and cut into slices. Mix with the fork and mix with the avocado.
Add the egg white, previously whipped, and stir well so that the ingredients are integrated and form a homogeneous cream.
Wash the face well and spread a thin layer of the mask, emphasizing the most "problematic" areas: neck, décolleté and eye area.
Leave on for half an hour and rinse with warm water.
Apply a moisturizer.


Mask made of yogurt, honey and sour cream

These are three ingredients that can be purchased without problems in the market or in the store.

This night mask takes advantage of the benefits of yogurt, which with its natural pH can prevent the formation of wrinkles.

50 gr of sour cream
1 tablespoon of honey (25 ml)
3 cups of plain yogurt (300 g)



Put the sour cream in a bowl and pour the yogurt. Mix to form a cream.
Add honey Stir until the consistency is creamy.
Wash the skin with warm water and apply the mask in a circular motion.
Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water.
Do not forget to put some moisturizer at the end of the procedure.

Home Aloe Vera anti-Wrinkle Cream

The anti-wrinkle cream based on aloe vera and cucumber is an option to make these cosmetics.

Unlike other ingredients, aloe vera is able to deeply hydrate, penetrating the deeper layers of the skin. In addition, this useful plant acts against free radicals, the main cause of cellular aging, and stimulates the natural production of elastin and collagen, which allows us to maintain the elasticity and elasticity of the skin. On the other hand, cucumber is an exceptional natural moisturizer that provides many nutrients to our skin.

To prepare an anti-wrinkle cream based on aloe vera:

Mix 100 g of aloe vera cellulose and another 100 g of cucumber.
Mix with distilled water until a uniform cream forms without lumps.
Apply a homemade anti-wrinkle cream based on aloe vera and cucumber on a clean face before bedtime.


Anti-wrinkle cream with grapes
Its high content of polyphenols makes them a natural remedy, which can give elasticity and elasticity to the skin. Therefore, prepare a wrinkle cream based on grapes + vitamin E.

Advice. Shred a large amount of green seedless grapes and mix them with vitamin E capsules. You will get a cream that can moisturize the skin.


Anti-wrinkle cream olive oil, honey and cocoa butter
Another anti-wrinkle cream is one that contains ingredients such as honey, olive oil and cocoa butter. All these products can be used to reduce wrinkles, restore the shine of the face and increase the elasticity and elasticity of the skin.

Among them, highlights the power of honey, which is a natural deep moisturizer and has a large amount of antioxidants that can delay the appearance of signs of aging.

To prepare this cream you should follow the following steps:

Mix three tablespoons of olive oil, one of honey and one teaspoon of cocoa butter.
Once the ingredients are mixed, heat them in a water bath.
When they have melted, mix them again until you get a homogeneous paste and let it cool.
Apply the cream on the clean face at night, always focusing on areas with more wrinkles or fine lines.


My granddaughters also told me that these funds are very popular now. When we accompany them through the streets, many people think that we are sisters! They confuse me with my daughter, who just turned 24. I tried these recipes and they helped me. He had wrinkles, but now everything is in order. I always recommend it to my friends. Try it, maybe it works!

Author : Henry Davis

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